10 Best Ghost Towns of the West

Visiting ghost towns is a great way to give your kids a quick education about the history of our country during the days of the Wild West. Not all of these places have disappeared into the landscape. Some were revitalized into thriving towns again and been given a second life. I can’t guarantee you’ll actually encounter any ghosts here, but the more remote ones can be a bit spooky. Courtesy of Toyota I had a chance to check out some of these 10 that are by far the best in terms of preserved buildings and are fairly easy to get to.

In the Sierra Nevada Mountains straddling the California-Nevada border, this former gold town had 10,000 residents in the late 1800s. After the gold rush days it slowly declined, with its post office finally closing in 1942. Only a small part of the town survived, but Bodie still has a lot left to see, including saloons and a red-light district. Don’t even think of taking anything from it’s still stocked stores though or bad luck may come your way.

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Route 66 is Still the Place to Get Your Kicks

Route 66, also known as the Mother Road and the Main Street of America, may have had its heyday years ago, but it’s definitely still worth a drive. Construction of the highway began in 1926 and it became one of the most famous roads in America. Connecting Chicago to Los Angeles and passing through 8 states, and covering over 2,000 miles, people came in droves to Get Their Kicks on Route 66.

Though long since bypassed by modern highways, Route 66 attractions still make it a road trip your family should take. Large sections are gone now, but cities, towns and individuals have preserved its charm and history along the way. Don’t forget to bring a camera and capture the adventure, giving your family something to truly remember for years to come.

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10 Big Things in Texas & How They Got There

Texas is a huge state and prides itself on being biggest at everything. Courtesy of Toyota, I had the chance to drive around and see some of these big things and find out why they are there. Not all are the “world’s largest,” but I guarantee you’re in for some really BIG surprises.

World’s Largest Cowboy Boots
Originally these giant boots were built to fill an empty lot in Washington, D.C. At 40 feet tall and 30 feet long they were promoted as the World’s Largest Cowboy Boots. That is debatable, as the cowboy boots in Seattle are probably bigger. A year later they were moved to their Texas home at a mall in San Antonio, where oddly enough, as far as I could tell there isn’t a shoe store in sight.

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