I first began working in the photo collage format years ago almost by accident. Striking me most were the wayward images that haphazardly adorn our surrounding world. The way I saw the world was engulfed by a newfound awareness. A sensitivity that reached out for the meaning behind the images in front of me. I was brazenly encompassed by an objectivity that was more interested in the ambition of what staid objects could become, rather than what they actually are. An ironic transformation.

I’d chosen to work with images which were initially black and white because of their stark, stripped-down representation of the world. Through the addition of color and the juxtaposition of incongruous images I was able to establish a setting, evoke a mood, and convey a particular message in a more subdued and subtle manner. The deliberate alterations and imperfections of the finished pieces are designed to draw the viewer in for closer inspection and contemplation.

With this body of work it was not my intention to influence the viewer with a personal agenda, or provoke a predetermined reaction. However, it is my function to travel within the images that we see everyday. A journey that asks questions, and cathartically takes you from an artificially intended feeling toward one of adventurous creativity.