TruMoo Rocky Road Hot Chocolate Recipe is Mooo-verlous

There’s nothing quite like the sweet surrender of sipping on a cup of hot chocolate. It’s the answer to any winter problem, right? A cup of hot chocolate is not only cozy and sweet, but it’s the culinary equivalent of “you know what? you deserve a treat.” Hot chocolate is the kind of treat that pleases young and old alike.

Now that you’re in the mood, do you need a hot chocolate recipe? The rich velvety-smooth milk from TruMoo will surely satisfy any sweet nostalgic cravings. Whether you simply heat and serve, or feature it in unique hot cocoa recipes like Rocky Road Hot Chocolate, your kids will be thrilled. It’s sure to make this winter season even more enjoyable.

We’re Just Nuts About Almond Fish

Have you been looking for a fantastic new fish recipe? Are you tired of all those heavy meat & potato holiday dishes? Luckily our friends at Vivemejor have just the right alternative. This fish recipe is easy to make and a healthy main course. I’m sure your family will go nuts over it just like we did. From all of us at Latina Moms keep on cooking and have a happy and healthy New Year!

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