Mix It Up on Father’s Day: Mamiverse Interview

Father’s Day is upon us and if you’re still looking for that perfect gift, there’s still time to give him something special. Behold: Scottish whiskey. Mamiverse talked with Colombian Mixologist, Juan David Marin, who offered us tips on making great summer cocktails, as well as his fond holiday memories. He also shared with us a cocktail recipe that the dad’s in your life will really love.

Mamiverse: What inspired you to become a professional Mixologist?

Juan David Marin: I started my career by accident. When I decided to move to the USA from Colombia my first choice of employment was in the restaurant industry. After a few months of work I realized that mixology was a job that gave me an opportunity to learn about international cuisine, wines and cocktails. However, I can now say that the most important thing in my career is the quality of service and experience, which people love when they visit the bars or events in which I work.

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